Nissan Rogue – For Your Fam

I have to say, this Nissan Rogue Fam campaign seems like a perfect execution for Nomad Republic. Creatively, we live right in that cinematic space between “docu” honesty and brand polish, and it feels like that’s exactly where this campaign wants to land. 

The best way to describe our shooting style is - cinematic reality.  An approach in which we will always  balance the naturalism of all our Fam’s experiences, with the the beautiful and dynamic camera needed to capture the Rogue itself. 

The best part about shooting with us is that our teams are equally experienced and agile. We tailor fit each small crew to the ask (hence the Nomad), out of professionals that have experience in both broadcast and content worlds.  Just as importantly, we execute productions from start to finish - all the way from pitch to final delivery. 

For the For Your Fam campaign we will also add to our team:

Vinit Borison - Cinematographer 
Not only does Vinit have extensive experience of shooting cars in any scenarios, he also has a knack for capturing the human essence. He’s is a very versatile and  solution oriented DP that would be perfect for this project.

We Are 1188

One of the busiest broadcast design houses in the city, We Are 1188 has put the finishing touches on projects from print, commercials, broadcasters, film, etc. It is their wide ranging design scope and always flawless aesthetic that makes them the perfect studio to package and execute the many deliverables needed for this campaign.