Nomad Republic is an independent media studio focused on creating and producing high level storytelling across multiple platforms. We are
committed to creating content that is visually stunning and emotionally resonant no matter the subject. Whether it’s working with
international brands, or producing film and television, the Nomad credo stays the same...story above all else.

Duane Crichton
Director / Exec Producer

Duane Crichton is an award winning director. He has written and directed work across multiple platforms - focusing primarily on dramatic,
documentary, and commercial storytelling. His balance of beauty and sincerity is a signature approach that can be found in all projects no
matter the genre.
As Creative Lead at Nomad Republic, Duane is involved in the development and execution of all projects under the Nomad umbrella - from
branded content to film & television series.

Bruno Louza
Head of Production / Exec Producer

Bruno Louza is an award winning producer with over 25 years experience in the production game.
He is renowned for keeping the creative aspect of the production process at the forefront of varied projects.
Bruno also has extensive experience in International productions with projects in Asia, Europe, the Caribbean and North and South America.
As Head of Production he is responsible for developing and producing dramatic and documentary series as well as branded content.