Brand Jesus

Half Hour Documentary Series
What do Christianity, Apple and Nazis have in common? If you said nothing…well, you couldn’t be more wrong. They are all SuperBrands, and they’re not alone.

Brand Jesus is a documentary that gets to the heart of how SuperBrands affect our thoughts, shape our behavior, and manipulate us by the millions.

My name is Duane Crichton and I have a confession to make…for the last twenty years I’ve been telling stories (TV commercials) designed to emotionally manipulate you in order to sell you things that you don’t really want. So what’s my penance? I’ve started telling better stories. Ones that hopefully help people see the world in new ways.

So let’s retrace our steps and start at the very beginning, to gain a better understanding of how these stories became the ultimate tool for grabbing our attention. Hopefully along the way we can develop a new set of rules that give us a fighting chance against the AI driven SuperBrands who will try to manipulate us next.